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December 2008


Welcome to another edition of All Politics is Local where we highlight local political news from Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties.



Anaheim City Council:
Harry Sidhu (re-elected)
Lorri Galloway (re-elected)
Brea City Council:
Marty Simonoff (re-elected)
Don Schweitzer (re-elected)
Buena Park City Council:
Jim Dow (re-elected)
Fred Smith (elected)
Steve Berry did not run for re-election
Costa Mesa City Council:
Gary Monahan  (elected)
Katrina Foley (re-elected)
Eric Bever (re-elected)
Linda Dixon did not run for re-election
Dana Point City Council:
Lara Anderson (re-elected)
J. Scott Schoeffel (elected)
Diane Harkey did not run for re-election
Fountain Valley City Council:
Larry R. Crandall (re-elected)
Steve A. Nagel (elected)
Incumbent Guy Ayer defeated
Fullerton City Council:
Sharon Quirk (re-elected)
Shawn Nelson (re-elected)
F. Richard "Dick" Jones (re-elected)
Garden Grove Mayor:
William "Bill" Dalton (re-elected)
Garden Grove City Council:
Steve Jones (re-elected)
Andrew Do (elected)
Mark Rosen did not run for re-election
Huntington Beach City Council:
Don Hansen (re-elected)
Keith Bohr (re-elected)
Devin Dwyer (elected)
Debbie Cook did not run for re-election
Irvine Mayor:
Sukhee Kang (elected)
Beth Krom did not run for Mayor 
Irvine City Council:
Beth Krom  (elected) 
Steven S. Choi (re-elected)
Larry Agran (re-elected)
Sukhee Kang vacated council seat to run for Mayor
Laguna Beach City Council:
Jane Egly (re-elected)
Verna Rollinger (elected)
Incumbent Cheryl Kinsman defeated
Laguna Hills City Council:
Joel Lautenschleger (re-elected)
L. Allan Songstad, Jr. (re-elected)
Laguna Niguel City Council:
Paul G. Glaab (re-elected)
Gary Capata (re-elected)
Joe Brown (elected)
Mark Whipple did not run for re-election
Laguna Woods City Council:
Brenda Ross (re-elected)
Martin "Marty" Rhodes (elected)
Milton W. Robbins (re-elected)
Robert Bouer did not run for re-election
La Habra City Council:
Tim Shaw (elected)
Rose Espinoza (re-elected)
Tom Beamish (re-elected) 
Lake Forest City Council:
Marcia Rudolph (re-elected)
Mark Tettemer (re-elected)
La Palma City Council:
Steve Shanahan (elected)
Mark Waldman (re-elected)
Ralph D. Rodriguez (re-elected)
Christine Barnes did not run
Los Alamitos City Council:
Marilynn Poe (elected)
Ken Stephens (elected)
Incumbents Kenneth Parker and Catherine "Cat" Driscoll were defeated
Mission Viejo City Council:
Frank Ury (re-elected)
Cathy Schlicht (elected)
Gail Reavis did not run for re-election
Newport Beach City Council:
Steven Rosansky (re-elected)
Edward Selich (re-elected)
Keith D. Curry (re-elected)
Orange Mayor:
Carolyn V. Cavecche (re-elected)
Orange City Council:
Teresa "Tita" Smith (re-elected)
Jon Dumitru (re-elected)
Placentia City Council:
Jeremy B. Yamaguchi (elected)
Constance "Connie" Underhill (re-elected)
Scott William Nelson  (re-elected)
Scott Brady did not run for re-election
Rancho Santa Margarita City Council:
Jerry Holloway (re-elected)
Tony Beall (re-elected)
San Clemente City Council:
Jim Dahl (re-elected)
Robert "Bob" Baker (elected)
Incumbent Steve Knoblock defeated
San Juan Capistrano City Council:
Sam Allevato (re-elected)
Laura Freese (elected)
Incumbent Joe Soto defeated
Santa Ana Mayor:
Miguel Pulido (re-elected)
Santa Ana City Council:
Vincent Samineto (re-elected)
Carlos Bustamante (re-elected)
Claudia Alvarez (re-elected)
Seal Beach City Council:
David Sloan (re-elected)
Gary Miller (elected, previously appointed to council in April 2008)
Stanton City Council:
Carol Warren (elected)
Al Ethans (elected)
Incumbent David Cadena deafeated
Tustin City Council:
John Nielsen (elected)
Jerry Amanate (re-elected)
Deborah Gavello (elected)
Tony Kawashima and Lou Bone did not run for re-election
Villa Park City Council:
Willard " Bill" MacAloney (elected)
W. Richard Ulmer (re-elected)
Kermit March did not run for re-election
Westminster Mayor:
Margie L. Rice (re-elected)
Westminster City Council:
Frank Fry (re-elected)
Truong Diep - (elected, results not yet finalized due to recount)
Yorba Linda City Council:
Nancy Rikel (elected)


Mark Schwing (elected)
Jim Winder (elected, results not yet finalized due to recount)
Allen Castellano did not run
Incumbent Henry W. "Hank" Wedaa was defeated




Banning City Council:
John Machisic (re-elected)
Barbara Hanna (re-elected)
Don Robinson (elected)
Brenda Salas did not run for re-election
Beaumont City Council:
Jeffrey Fox (re-elected)
Nancy Gall (elected)
Incumbent Martie Killough defeated
Calimesa City Council:
Ella Zanowic (elected)
Joyce McIntire (re-elected)
Bill Davis (re-elected)
Incumbent John Chebnik defeated
Canyon Lake City Council:
Nancy Horton (elected)
Barry Talbot (elected)
Jordan Ehrenkranz (elected)
Incumbents John Zaitz, Carl Armbrust, and Frank Kessler defeated
Cathedral City Mayor:
Kathy DeRosa (re-elected)
Cathedral City Council:
Charles "Bud" England (re-elected)
Gregory Pettis (re-elected)
Coachella Mayor:
Eduardo Garcia (re-elected)
Coachella City Council:
Emmanuel Martinez (elected)
Gilbert Ramirez (re-elected)
Incumbent Richard Macknicki defeated
Corona City Council:
Jason Scott (elected)
Steve Nolan (re-elected)
Jeff Miller did not run for re-election
Hemet City Council:
Jerry Franchville (elected)
Jim Foreman (elected)
Robert Youssef (elected)
Incumbents Brian Christie and Lori Van Arsdale defeated
Marc Searl did not run for re-election

Indian Wells City Council:
Larry Spicer (re-elected)
Douglas "Doug" Hansen (elected)
Bill Power (elected)
Incumbent Robert Bernheimer defeated
Mary Roche did not run for re-election

Indio City Council:
Glenn Miller (elected)
Guadalupe "Lupe" Ramos Watson (re-elected)
Incumbent Michael Wilson defeated
Lake Elsinore City Council:
Bob Magee (re-elected)
Amy Marie Bhutta (elected)
Melissa Ann Melendez (elected)
Robert Schiffner and Genie Kelley did not run for re-election
La Quinta Mayor:
Don Adolph (re-elected)
La Quinta City Council:
Kristy Franklin (elected)
Stanley Sniff (re-elected)  
Lee Osborne did not run for re-election
Moreno Valley City Council:
Jesse Molina (elected)
Robin Hastings (elected)
William Batey, II (re-elected)
Incumbents Frank West and Charles White defeated
Murrieta City Council:
Douglas McAllister (re-elected)
Randon Lane (elected)
Incumbent Warnie Enochs defeated
Palm Desert City Council:
Cindy Finerty (reelected)
Robert Spiegel (reelected)
Dick Kelly (reelected)
Perris Mayor:
Daryl Busch (re-elected)
Perris City Council:
Rita Rogers (re-elected)
Joanne Evans (elected)
John Motte vacated council seat
San Jacinto City Council:
Jim Ayres (re-elected)
Steven DiMemmo (elected)
Jim Potts (elected, appointed to council in July 2008)
Chris Carlson did not run for re-election
Temecula City Council:
Mike Naggar (re-elected)
Chuck Washington (re-elected)




Adelanto Mayor:
Charley Glasper (elected)
Jim Nehmen vacated seat
Adelanto City Council:
Edgar Ruben Camargo (elected)
Cari Thomas (elected)
Appointed incumbent Steve Baisden defeated
Apple Valley City Council:
Rick Roelle (re-elected)
Ginger Coleman (elected)
Timothy Jasper did not run for re-election
Barstow Mayor:
Joe Gomez (elected)
Incumbent Lawrence Dale defeated
Barstow City Council:
Tim Saenz (elected)
Willie Hailey (elected)
Steven Curran did not run for re-election
Joe Gomez seat vacant

Big Bear City Council:
Bill Jahn (re-elected)
Liz Harris (re-elected)
Colton City Council:
Vincent Yzaguirre (re-elected)
Deirdre Bennett (elected)
Alex Perez (elected)
Incumbents John Mitchell and Isaac Suchil defeated
Fontana City Council:
Janice Rutherford (re-elected)
Acquanetta Warren (re-elected)
Grand Terrace City Council:
Jim Miller (re-elected)
Lee Ann Garcia (re-elected)
Walt Stanckiewitz (elected)
Appointed incumbent Dan Buchanan did not run for election
Hesperia City Council:
Mike Leonard (re-elected)
Paul Bosacki (elected)
Tad Honeycutt did not run
Needles Mayor:
Jeff Williams (re-elected)
Needles City Council:
Jim Lopez (elected)
Patrick Murch (elected)
Tony Frazier (elected)
Incumbents Robert Smith and Rebecca Valentine defeated
Steve Thomas did not run for re-election

Ontario City Council:
Sheila Mautz (re-elected)
Debra Porada (elected)
Incumbent Jason Anderson defeated
Rancho Rucamonga City Council:
Dennis Michael (re-elected)
Sam Spagnolo (re-elected)
Rialto Mayor:
Grace Vargas (re-elected)
Rialto City Council:
Ed Scott (re-elected)
Edward Palmer (elected)
Incumbent Winifred Hanson defeated
Twentynine Palms City Council:
Joel Klink (re-elected)
John Cole (re-elected)
Upland Mayor:
John Pomierski (re-elected)
Upland City Council:
Ken Willis (re-elected)
Victorville City Council:
Ruby Cabriales (re-elected)
Mike Rothschild (re-elected)
Ryan McEachron (elected)
Incumbent Bob Hunter defeated
Yucca Valley City Council:
Frank Luckino (re-elected)
George Huntington (elected)
Robert Leone did not run for re-election

Yucaipa City Council:
Dick Riddell (re-elected)
Denise Hoyt (re-elected)
Diane Smith (elected)
Bob Lampi did not run for re-election



For a recap of the Iger & Associates Election Day Luncheon please follow the link below:



We hope you enjoyed this issue of our Newsletter!




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