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All Politics is Local


November 2009


Welcome to another edition of All Politics is Local, a non-partisan selection of local political news from Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Imperial counties.


In This Issue

November 2009 Election - Local Candidates

November 2009 Election - Local Measures

Public Officials on the Move

Local Officials Running for Higher Office in 2010

Green Homebuilder Magazine - Sustainable Exteriors




Orange County


California State Assembly - 72nd District*:

Chris Norby (Republican Party; Orange County Supervisor): 37.2%

John MacMurray (Democratic Party): 27.1%

Jane Rands (Green Party): 2.8%

Since no candidate received over 50% of the vote, there will be a runoff with the top candidate from each party on January 12, 2010.

*Special election to replace former Assemblymember Mike Duvall, who resigned



Riverside County




City Council (3 Seats):
Joey DeConinck (Incumbent) - 18.91%
Oscar Galvan (Community Activist) - 18.17%
Sam Patel (Motel Owner) - 14.46%

Incumbents Robert Crain and Beverly Mays not re-elected



Desert Hot Springs:
Yvonne Parks (Incumbent) - 61.35%
City Council (2 seats):
Scott Matas, (Incumbent) - 33.09%
Jan Pye, (Incumbent - 26.00%





City Council (2 seats):

Kevin Bash (Historic Preservation Activist) - 30.27%
Harvey Sullivan (Former Councilmember) - 29.07%

Incumbents Frank Hall and Richard MacGregor not re-elected


Palm Springs:

City Council (2 seats):
Ginny Foat (Incumbent) - 23.58%
Chris Mills (Incumbent) - 21.44%



City of Riverside:



Ron Loveridge (Incumbent) - 69.14%


San Bernardino County


City of San Bernardino:

Pat Morris (Incumbent) - 55.64%

City Council (First Ward):

Virgina Marquez (defeated incumbent Esther Estrada) - 51.37%

City Council (Second Ward):
Jason Desjardins (defeated incumbent Dennis Baxter) - 52.95%

City Council (Fourth Ward):
Fred Shorett (Incumbent) - 52.45%



Imperial County




City Council (2 seats): 

Sam Couchman (Brawley Economic Development Commission Past President) - 42.69%

Miguel Miranda (Former Councilmember) - 33.88%

*Incumbents John Benson and Steve Vasquez did not file for re-election





City Council (3 seats):

Fred Beltran (Incumbent) - 26.47%

Peter Fuentes (Incumbent) - 22.99%

Trevor Green - 20.86%

Incumbent Kay Ours not re-elected


El Centro:


City Council (2 seats):

Ben Solomon (Incumbent) - 35.50%

Cheryl Viegas-Walker (Incumbent) - 33.01%



Water Districts


Desert Water Agency, Board of Directors (3 seats):

Patricia "Pat" Oygar (Incumbent) - 31.30%
James Cioffi (Incumbent) - 26.72%
Ron Starrs (Incumbent) - 26.52%

Mission Springs County Water District, Board of Directors (2 seats):
Nancy Wright (Incumbent) - 30.93%
Jeff Bowman - 24.87%

Incumbent Randy Duncan not re-elected


Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency, Board of Directors - Full Term (3 seats):

J. Larry Coulombe - 24.25%
Terry Burkhart (Incumbent) - 20.52%
Martha E. Oswalt - 19.01%

Incumbent Judy Corl-Lorono not re-elected


Bighorn-Desert View Water Agency, Board of Directors - Term Ending 2011:
David Larson - 59.78%

Incumbent Warren Strodel not re-elected


West Valley Water District, Board of Directors (2 seats):

Don Olinger (Incumbent) - 33.70%
Jackie Cox (Incumbent) - 26.46%


Running Springs Water District, Board of Directors (3 seats):

Kenneth Ayers (Incumbent) - 27.05%
Pamella Bennett (Incumbent) - 23.91%
Paul Shouse - 23.07%

Incumbent Brian Shropshire did not run for re-election


Apple Valley Heights County Water District, Board of Directors (3 seats):

John Joseph Kunz - 23.12%
Larry Hunter - 21.51%
Jacob Johnson - 19.89%

Incumbent Glenn Lincoln not re-elected





Riverside County


Norco: Measure B - Transient-Occupancy Tax

Measure proposes to raise the hotel tax in the City of Norco from 8% to 11%.

Measure Passed - 54.53%


Perris: Measure C - Public Safety Tax

Measure proposes a new tax for every owner of a single-family home in Perris of  $135.88/year.  Owners of nonresidential parcels could pay a maximum of $543 for every four-acre area.  The tax is permanent and the Perris City Council can vote to increase it by 2% every year.  City officials estimate the tax, if approved, will generate an extra $2 million each year for the city.
Measure Did Not Pass - 57.13%


Perris: Measure D - Advisory Vote-Public Safety Tax

Measure allows voters to register an opinion about how the city should spend the taxes it raises, if the Measure C tax, on the ballot at the same time, is approved.

Measure Passed - 58.03%

Palm Springs: Measure G - Telephone Tax

Measure would extend the existing utility users tax to more services, including cell and cable phone customers, as well as computer-enabled voice communications such as Skype; lower the rate of taxation from 5% to 4.5%; and replace the city's $1.13 per month emergency response flat fee with a tax at the same cost.
Measure Passed - 70.19%

Blythe: Measure H - Transient Tax

Measure proposes to raise the hotel tax in the City of Blythe from 10% to 13%.

Measure Did Not Pass - 52.94%


Wildomar: Measure I - Council At Large

Under this measure, there would be no districts. All city council representatives would be elected "at-large".

Measure Passed - 60.45%


Wildomar: Measure J - Wildomar Council By District

Under this measure, residents can vote only on the candidates running in the district in which the resident lives.
Measure Did Not Pass - 79.45%

Wildomar: Measure K - Council From Districts

Under this measure, a voter anywhere in the city could vote for any candidate for city council, but the candidates must come from and represent a specific district.
Measure Did Not Pass - 83.82%


Banning: Measure L - Transient Tax

Measure proposes to raise the hotel tax in the City of Banning from 6% to 12%.  The tax would end in ten years.  The city believes that the added tax will generate about $275,000 annually for the city.

Measure Passed - 75.14%


Coachella: Measure M - Utility Tax

Measure proposes a tax on electricity, gas, water, sewer, cable TV and refuse hauling. The city estimates that it will gain $1.2 million in new tax revenue if the new tax is approved.
Measure Did Not Pass - 54.66%



Imperial County


El Centro: Measure G - Charter City

Under this measure, El Centro would become a charter city (instead of a general law city).

Measure Passed - 59.73%




Orange County


Costa Mesa: Mesa Consolidated Water District General Manager Paul Shoenberger (former Mesa Consoldiated Water District Board Member) appointed.


Costa Mesa: Mesa Consolidated Water Distict Board Member Jim Fisler (former Costa Mesa Planning Commissioner) appointed to replace Paul Shoenberger.


Westminster: City Manager Don Lamm (former Costa Mesa Development Services Director) appointed to replace Ray Silver, who retired.


Riverside County


County of Riverside: After a long and successful career, 4th District County Supervisor Roy Wilson sadly passed away on August 26, 2009.


County of Riverside: State Senator John Benoit (37th District) has been appointed by Governor Schwarzenegger to fill the vacant 4th District County Supervisor seat.  There will be an election to fill Benoit's 37th District Senate seate.


Coachella: Interim City Manager Gene Rogers (formerly with City of Moreno Valley and City of Sunnyvale) appointed pending new permanent city manager selection.


Coachella: Interim Assistant City Manager Noelia Chapa (former Soledad City Manager) appointed to replace Steve Brown, who resigned.


Menifee: Community Development Director Carmen Cave appointed to in-house post (no longer outsourced).


Moreno Valley: City Manager Robert Gutierrez announced that he will resign by December 26, 2009.


Norco: City Manager Beth Groves (former interim City Manager) appointed to permanent post (no longer interim).


Palm Springs: Planning Commissioners Doug Hudson (architect) and Leslie Munger (real estate broker) appointed.  Commissioners Bill Scott and John Caffery were also reappointed.


San Jacinto: City Manager Barry McClellan announced that he will retire on December 30, 2009.


San Bernardino County


County of San Bernardino: County Administrative Officer Mark Uffer was terminated without cause by the Board of Supervisors.  Assistant County Administrative Officer Dean Arabatzis will assume the duties of CAO until an interim or permanent replacement is appointed by the board.


County of San Bernardino: Director of Land Use Services Dena Smith (former Clerk of the Board) appointed to replace Julie Rynerson Rock who resigned.


County of San Bernardino: Land Use Services department supervisors back to work after paid administrative leave: Henry Roe (deputy director for building and safety) and Randy Rogers (deputy director for code enforcement).


Colton: City Manager Rod Foster (former Upland Assistant City Manager) appointed to replace Darryl Parish who left to become Covina City Manager.


Grand Terrace: Betsy Adams (former Moreno Valley Assistant City Manager) appointed to replace acting city manager Bernie Simon.




These are the local elected candidates confirmed to date who are running for higher office in 2010.  We will continue to update you as new local officials enter races for higher office.




Running for California State Assembly - 68th District

Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor

Incumbent Van Tran is termed out


Running for California State Assembly - 70th District
Tustin Mayor Pro Tem
Jerry Amante

Orange County Community College District Trustee Don Wagner

Incumbent Chuck DeVore is termed out


Running for Orange County Supervisor - 4th District
Orange County Clerk-Recorder Tom Daly

La Habra Councilmember Rose Espinoza

Anaheim Councilmember Lorri Galloway

Fullerton Councilmember Shawn Nelson
Anaheim Councilmember Harry Sidhu

Incumbent Chris Norby is termed out


Running for Orange County Clerk-Recorder

Orange Councilmember Jon Dumitru

Buena Park Mayor Pro Tem Art Brown

Incumbent Tom Daly is running for County Supervisor


Running for United States Congress - 48th District

Irvine Councilmember Beth Krom

Incumbent is John Campbell





Running for California State Senate - 36th District

Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone

Incumbent Dennis Hollingsworth is termed out


Running for United States Congress - 45th District

Palm Springs Mayor Steve Pougnet

Incumbent is Mary Bono



Running for California State Assembly - 63rd District

Redlands Mayor Pro Tem Pat Gilbreath

Rancho Cucamonga Mayor Don Kurth

Fontana Mayor Pro Tem Acquanetta Warren

Incumbent Bill Emmerson is termed out


Running for San Bernardino County Supervisor - 2nd District

Upland Mayor John "J.P." Pomierksi

Incumbent is Paul Biane 




Sustainable Exteriors:


Our column in Green Homebuilder Magazine is featured in the "Sustainable Exteriors" issue. The article is entitled Sustainable Exteriors: Raising the Bar on New Industry Standards and discusses how to balance cost efficiency with regulations and buyer preferences.


This month we talked with Lynn Jacobs, Director, California Department of Housing and Community Development; Lacy Kelley, Executive Director, Orange County League of Cities; Steve Ruffner, President, KB Home Southern California; Judith Legan, Executive Vice President, South Coast Apartment Association; Denise Iger, Attorney, Hickey and Petchul, LLP; Damon Dusterhoft, AIA, LEED AP, Associate, LPA Inc.; and Dr. Jack Sahl, Director of Environment and Resource Sustainability, Southern California Edison.


To read the article, please click the following link for the Green Homebuilder Magazine Fall 2009 issue, then click on page 24.  CLICK HERE



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