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What Is The Iger & Associates Government Interface Institute?

  • A unique workshop focusing on successful government interface disciplines
  • For private or public sector professionals who work with all levels of government
  • Taught by government relations experts leveraging decades of public sector experiences
  • An easily understood program providing the big picture for what’s involved in approaching the complex government structure and how it all works together
  • Materials include professional development tips for cutting edge knowledge and application of real experiences and scenarios
  • The Institute provides workable next steps for maneuvering through public sector agencies or municipalities
  • The course includes up-to-date online tools for obtaining timely information and for navigating agency websites

How Will You Benefit?

  • Save time and money by shortening the time to learn about various municipalities and individualized bureaucracies
  • Accelerate results by getting insight and information early in the process
  • Use program resources to be better prepared for meetings or public hearings on issues, regulations, laws, executive orders, and ordinances
  • Expedite the process by taking into account the significant differences or similarities in municipalities and public agencies
  • Learn from past track records, good examples, and past mistakes to be more efficient and cost effective
  • Understand what to do with the case by case illustrations provided in the program
  • Get professional development for personal and organizational success, there is long term value in attending the government interface institute

The program includes a copy of our “Government Interface Institute Program Workbook” and an updated version of our “Iger & Associates Public Officials Handbook” and a subscription to our newsletter, “All Politics Is Local”

For more information: Please contact us at 949.723.4066, or by email: governmentinterfaceinstitute@igerassociates.com.

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