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Political Due Diligence
  • Conduct early political due diligence to help forecast your timelines, likelihood of zoning change, and obstacles to approval prior to entitlement
  • Create a government relations plan specifically designed for your company’s needs and interests
  • Obtain favorable regulatory rulings or government executive action for you
  • Develop case by case government relations dialogue for you and your team
  • Lobby/advocate for your particular priorities and interests before government entities, elected and appointed officials and staff
  • Take informal surveys of stakeholders and public officials concerning your project
  • Work closely with your public affairs and legal teams for effective results
  • Participate in your land use entitlement team to integrate government relations strategies and avoid potential government relations issues on the horizon
Community Relations
  • Create and Implement local community outreach programs to support your project
  • Put together opportunities for presentations to key organizations and neighborhood associations
  • Assist in getting supporter attendance at key events on public hearings
Early Warning System
  • Conduct customized searches of public agendas, media, and specified public information outlets.
  • “Red Flag” public agenda items related to your interests to keep you informed and avoid being blind-sided
  • Ensure confidentiality of your business interests for all our discussions and strategies with you and your team.
Protecting Your Organization
  • Provide you with a liaison to elected officials and government agencies
  • Provide you with representation in key meetings with public officials and community events
  • Lead your team throughout the execution of your government and community relations plan
  • Maintain an active presence with public officials on your behalf
  • Negotiate your top priorities and interests with public decision makers